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            Development Tools

            Move your design from concept to production in record time with Microchip’s award-winning development tools. Our tools work together to provide state of the art debugging for your project with easy-to-use graphical user interfaces in our free MPLAB® X and Atmel Studio Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and our code generation tools. Providing the ultimate ease-of-use experience, Microchip’s line of programmers, debuggers and emulators work seamlessly with our software tools so you can focus on your project. Our development boards help you evaluate the best silicon device for your application, while our line of third party tools round out our comprehensive development tool solutions. 

            Simple. Flexible.

            Microchip’s MPLAB X and Atmel Studio ecosystems provide a variety of embedded design tools to consider for your project that support multiple devices and architectures.  MPLAB X tools are compatible with Windows®, Linux® and macOS® operating systems while Atmel Studio tools are compatible with Windows.

            MPLAB Xpress   
            Atmel Studio    
            CompilersMPLAB XC**FREE
            AVR GCC     
            ARM GCC    
            ConfiguratorsMPLAB Code Configurator   FREE
            MPLAB Harmony ***  
            Atmel Start    
            MPLAB REAL ICE    
            MPLAB ICD 4  
            MPLAB PICkit 4 
            MPLAB Snap 
            J-32 Debug Probe ***  
            Power Debugger    
            ProductionMPLAB IPE  FREE
            MPLAB PM3****    

            * xEC is the CEC/MEC families of devices
            ** PRO Compiler license available, including subscriptions
            *** 32-bit MCUs and MPUs only
            **** The MPLAB PM3 also supports Microchip's memory devices

            In-Circuit Emulator and Debugger Features

            Microchip offers a wide variety of debugger solutions to fit any performance requirements and budget.

            In-Circuit Emulators and Debuggers

            Development Boards and Kits

            Microchip has over 2,000 development boards and kits spanning hundreds of applications. Reference designs and sample projects are available to help you get started at lightening speed.