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            Protecting the Storage Platform Through Measurement and Attestation: Part 5│Additional Measures for Protecting the Storage Platform

            Learn the other measures that should be considered for protecting the storage platform, from creating a system of trust to implementing cryptographic obscurity. 

            Jeff Plank  //  Mar 16, 2020

            Effective Prototyping De-Risks Product Innovation

            Adopting the proper design thinking approach, along with a culture that embraces prototyping and rapid iteration, can improve time to market while reducing the capital and human costs of product development.

            Ward Andrews, CEO, Drawbackwards  //  Mar 11, 2020

            Cloud Computing in IoT

            Through cloud computing, microcontrollers can perform very resource-intensive computations by outsourcing the work. 

            Johan Lofstad  //  Mar 9, 2020

            The Composable Platform - Enabling Innovation Through Flexible Infrastructure

            New architectures are needed to better utilize and optimize hardware assets spanning compute, memory and storage.

            Andrew Dieckmann  //  Mar 5, 2020

            Protecting the Storage Platform Through Measurement and Attestation: Part 4

            Learn what attestation measurements are and how they help prove to the platform what firmware is running.

            Jeff Plank  //  Mar 4, 2020

            Bring the Power of the MPLAB® Development Ecosystem to Your AVR® and SAM Microcontroller-Based Projects

            Our MPLAB® development ecosystem now supports AVR® and SAM devices including SAM MPUs

            David Otten and Glen Nilsen  //  Feb 28, 2020

            Turn Up the Heat

            Designing a feature-rich tankless water heater based on a dsPIC® digital signal controller.

            Theta Engineering  //  Feb 27, 2020

            Measuring Code Coverage in an Embedded System

            Let’s Explore the Plight of the Software Developer.

            David Otten  //  Feb 21, 2020

            Veterinary Ultrasound Part II – High-Quality and High-Intensity Image Systems

            This article discusses technology critical to the imaging systems used in veterinary care and our success in the veterinary ultrasound industry.

            Jesse Nichols  //  Feb 20, 2020

            The New PIC18-Q43 Product Family: Combining Our Top MCU Peripherals with Easy to Use Development Tools for Faster Time to Market

            Improve your next design’s performance and speed up your time to market.

            Stephanie Pinteric  //  Feb 14, 2020

            Can FlexE Close The Gap Between What Networks Require and The Ethernet Rates That Are Standardized?

            FlexE provides a layer of flexibility to close the gap between what networks require and the Ethernet rates that are standardized, while also enabling lower cost solutions.

            Kevin So  //  Feb 12, 2020

            Protecting the Storage Platform Through Measurement and Attestation | Part 3: Understanding How Secure Trusted Firmware Translates into Solution Requirements and Product Guarantees

            In the first two parts of this series, we looked at multiple security threats in the server and storage industry. Now let’s look at some specific concerns and possible solutions to those problems. 

            Jeff Plank  //  Feb 7, 2020

            Microchip and Acacia Communications Enable First Flexible-Rate Optical Transmission Up to 600G

            We are supporting a critical transition with an established ecosystem that leverages the demonstrated interoperability between our PM6010 DIGI-G5 OTN Processor and Acacia's AC1200 Coherent Module.

            Microchip  //  Feb 6, 2020

            NTP Time Servers: Is it IRIG or iRig? No Matter, Innovations are Happening with Both

            FlexPort technology for saving time, money, and ease-of-use in deploying a precise IRIG time synchronization solution like the SyncServer S650 makes a lot of sense.

            Paul Skoog  //  Jan 31, 2020

            Veterinary Ultrasound Part I – Introduction and Requirements

            As the healthcare industry for animals continues to grow, a good ultrasound system has become inevitable for veterinarians. Read this article and learn about the different veterinary ultrasound requirements for large versus small animals. 

            Jesse Nichols  //  Jan 29, 2020

            Protect Your Critical Infrastructure from GNSS Spoofing and Jamming

            The GNSS signal has become increasingly vulnerable to a wide range of jamming and spoofing threats. Learn how you can provide signal visibility for better protection and security of GNSS reception.

            Greg Wolff  //  Jan 15, 2020

            How PIC® and AVR® Technologies Help Drive the Evolution of IoT

            The continued evolution of IoT technologies will push the boundaries of a smarter, more connected world.

            Pravin Venkatraj  //  Jan 10, 2020

            Seamlessly Integrate Dual-Motor Control and Power Factor Correction in Air Conditioner Designs Using a Single Digital Signal Controller

            Do your A/C system design challenges have you feeling the heat? This article will help you solve them. 

            Nelson Alexander  //  Jan 7, 2020

            Protecting the Storage Platform through Measurement and Attestation │Part 2: Threat Modeling for the New Age of Protection

            Attacks targeting your systems are disturbingly widespread – here's what you need to know. 

            Jeff Plank  //  Jan 6, 2020

            Protecting the Storage Platform Through Measurement and Attestation | Part 1: Understanding the Changes in the Security Landscape

            Securing the operational state of components has become an ever-increasing topic among the server and storage industry. While much of the industry has already secured the platforms upon which subcomponents operate, it’s important to understand that subcomponents are no …

            Jeff Plank  //  Dec 18, 2019