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            Contact Microchip

            Global Sales & Distribution

            Microchip's worldwide network of technical sales and support professionals can be reached within 200 miles of every major metropolitan city in the world.

            MicroSolutions, Microchip’s bi-monthly digital magazine, delivers the latest information to give you a competitive edge and help you meet your design goals. Each issue gives you an update on our new products as well as design articles on a wide range of topics.  Sign up to get notified whenever a new issue of MicroSolutions is available.

            Investor Relations

            Please send all investor related questions to ir@microchip.com.

            Public Relations

            Please send all press related questions to pr@microchip.com.

            University Corner

            Please send all university support related questions to university@microchip.com.

            Technical Support
            To access Microchip's knowledge base, community forums or submit SUPPORT TICKET REQUESTS to our engineering support team, please go to http://www.48xiangfu.icu/support.

            Microchip employs highly trained staff of Field Application Engineers (FAE), Corporate Application Engineers (CAE) and technical consultants. To provide our you with the most efficient technical support, questions should be first directed to your local Microchip distributor. Most of Microchip distributor offices have FAEs certified on Microchip's products. Additional technical help is available through the sales representative, our local Microchip FAEs or CAEs.                      
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            Here is your chance to tell us how you like the website. Take a minute to communicate with Microchip about your experiences.


            Corporate Headquarters
            Microchip Technology Inc.
            2355 West Chandler Blvd.
            Chandler, Arizona, USA 85224-6199
            (480) 792-7200